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Commission Terms
OK (Will draw!): Anime Sonic Characters Fan Art OCs SFW Ships case-by-case
Not OK!: Full NSFW (suggestive OK) Political symbols, messages, etc.

Feel free to ask if unsure! I have the right to refuse any commission requests that I am not comfortable with or do not feel that I can complete in a satisfactory manner.

Pricing is for personal, non-commercial use.
Turnaround times vary depending on illustration complexity, typically a couple weeks.
Please make sure to tell me before work starts if you need it by a certain date.
No refunds after a project has been completed and approved.
Please send me appropriate reference(s) of your character(s). You can send me links or attach them through DM.
I will send you updates throughout the process. Each step (sketch/base colouring/etc.) will require your approval, so please keep in contact.
Production times will vary on queue length and complexity.
I retain the rights over my original artwork, including the right to post the image to my social media or portfolio.
Do not use my art, even commissioned work, in any sort of AI art project.
When posted online, please provide credit.
Do not claim the artwork as your own creation.
Order a Commission
Ready to order? At the moment, the best way to order is via Etsy, but if you don't wish to use it, you can also contact me via social media or email, or at a convention I'm tabling at!